Candidly, this is not for
the timid or reluctant

Strategy and Growth are the
relentless pursuit of
"What's Next?"


Choosing a Path is Easy.

Reaching your destination requires something more.
Strategy is the difference between following any path and
knowing how to reach your most valuable destination.


Ideas Big Enough for a
World of Change

Require Experience and Resources
to make your Ventures Reality


What's next on the journey ahead?

Find Confidence and Capital for Growth

"What's Next?" is the challenge of every organization...

We enable your business to see, grow and achieve more through Strategy, Venturing and Advisory Services that create sustainable value.

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We Provide


Define a future of greater performance by removing past constraints and enabling the most valuable opportunities of today’s evolving markets.  Every organization has inflection points, either self imposed or the result of external factors. We help you navigate beyond those limitations to identify greater opportunity, manage risk and resource the path forward.


Ideas are the currency of today.  Venturing brings resources, expertise and a voice to the ideas that must get to market successfully.  We have the “Go to Market” capacity to move the best ideas forward faster, eliminating constraints, and driving greater competitive advantage. Whether Venturing with new ideas or creating returns from under performing assets, we are a venture catalyst without the cost of venture capital.


Growth companies need growth resources. Sometimes that means raising capital, but not always. Partnering options, debt financing, licensing, and joint ventures are also workable, lower cost options. Having an experienced Advisor can be the difference between accelerating or losing control.  We work with you to develop plans for growth capital and help foster the relationships that prepare for exiting your business.

We Serve

Payer & Provider

Healthcare is in the midst of a value revolution. This dramatic shift in the fundamental economics impacts the entire system in many diverse ways.  Some see the risk as lives at stake.  Others see opportunity in new ways of caring and affordability for all in need. The shift from volume driven systems to intricate, informed and appropriate value based economics is both the opportunity and responsibility of our generation.

Financial Services
& Technology

Financial services and technology are no longer just the transactions of commerce, they are the ethos of social dialogue and expression. Lifestyle experience replacing simple convenience, virtual replacing proximity, and devices becoming the proxy of plastic. In this highly mature but rapidly changing market, we see a frontier of opportunity beyond financial utility through transparent, high-integrity, value-added innovation.


The challenges of exponential population growth and urban density are revealed in our most human needs; nutrition, clean water, and healthy environments. Global issues of land use, crop production, fair supply chains and safe distribution are fundamental economic issues that business innovation can solve. The opportunity begins when information and integrity align to profit those who creatively solve the sustainability needs for healthy societies.

We Perform

Ideation >
Strategic Planning

Ideas are the currency of the future. Organizations that cultivate weak ideas will become weak organizations even if they are well positioned.  Translating ideas into workable strategies unlocks your organization’s capacity to create value, transform itself and grow. We help lead your organization into the future with better ideas, reimagined potential and clear vision.  

IP >
Commercial Products

Technology and information power the solutions for commerce. These proprietary solutions can become expensive and outmoded, or they can be managed as large portfolios of assets that grow in value. Justifying development costs solely for internal efficiency can be challenging. We see the opportunity to create greater value from commercializing those assets into adjacent markets or broader competitive platforms in order to provide greater financial returns.

Change +

Change creates anxiety.  Managing and weathering that anxiety is the difference between transformation and disruption. Regardless, change and transformation are a requirement of survival and critical to creating value.  We approach change and transformation initiatives by helping executives communicate as leaders, with the clarity of strategic purpose, aligned value objectives and transparent values that builds confidence.


Strategy places your corporate vision front and center. It forms the very public perception of your organization and defines the confidence your employees and shareholders are asked to follow. How you communicate your strategy and tell the story of your vision, brand and mission transforms strategy into persuasion and influence.

People +

Applying organizational design experience we help connect the talent and productivity of people with the priorities of innovation, strategy and growth. This approach designs work structures that balance creative problem solving with measurable outcomes aligned with the desired business model. The results shed light on underperforming functions by creating new processes that are more sustainable, more profitable.


Value creation defines the success of corporate finance. But capturing and communicating value goes beyond just accounting and reporting. As a result, we focus on helping management translate controls and accountability into diverse corporate functions that prioritize meaningful outcomes. These programatic functions span managing technology investments, optimizing operational costs, integrating M&A, or boosting asset performance to extract maximum value.  

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